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Midterms (with answers) and Finals of LSM 1105 Evolutionary Biology AY16/17 SEM1

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Solutions to key questions for PYP 09/10, 10/11, 11/12. PYP Solutions were not provided by prof and were done by students. Results of examination by me and my friends - A to A+

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Only attempted for midterm questions : Adversarial search & Alpha-beta pruning

Price: S$ 2.00

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1x A4 double-sided handwritten and color-coded helpsheet. Added a few examples as well (in blue font). Good luck for finals! :)

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Took under Prof. Goh Say Song <- awesome prof! :D 2x A4 double-sided handwritten helpsheet, basically summarised the whole textbook in 4 pages + a few examples. Font size is very small, but it defo…

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Cheatsheet with all topics included. Some extra space at the back for you to add any more tables you need, but the usual tested ones are already added in. Cheatsheet also has qualitative answers and…

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